The Best Travel Gear for Babies and Kids,, June 2019

kid travel AFARThe ultimate list of road-tested, kid-approved strollers, play yards, car seats, diaper totes, and more that will make travel with your brood so much easier.

Experienced travelers know that when it comes to baggage, more isn’t necessarily better—and that holds true for trips with kids, too. Bringing along the full equipage of booster seats, strollers, toys, and bedtime gear is a surefire way to make any parent resolve to stay at home.

Thankfully, manufacturers are increasingly developing baby and child essentials that appeal to more nomadic lifestyles. Common go-tos, such as strollers, boosters, and even headphones, are becoming lighter, more packable, and better designed for children’s (and parents’) needs.

A traveling parent myself, I decided to delve into the world of next-gen family travel gear to find the best options for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children. My adventuresome eight-year-old was one tester, but we also recruited parents of infants and toddlers to try an assortment of options on road trips, overnight flights, and campouts in the United States and abroad. Here are our family-approved favorites.

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