The Essential Camping Checklist,, July 2019

AFAR campingCamping Checklist: The Gear You Need for a Very Comfy Night Under the Stars
Plus a detailed, downloadable version that you can use for your next campout

Camping means different things to different people. Some travelers relish the idea of roughing it with only the basics; some haul around bed frames, generators, and other (burdensome) comforts. We prefer a happy medium: This list is for the camper who wants to gaze at the Big Dipper instead of an LCD screen and who prefers a comfy chair to the ground. Our gear recommendations soften camping’s roughest edges without eclipsing nature itself—and without overburdening travelers with bulky, fussy items. Our in-field testing prioritized performance, aesthetics, and innovation and compared the latest inventions to the standbys we’ve used over more than two decades of camping in cabins, campgrounds, and backcountry corners. Welcome to camping made comfortable.

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