The Best Water Bottles for Travel,, November 2018

Water BottlesWith features ranging from built-in filtration to enviable good looks, these reusable water bottles make it easy to stay hydrated when you’re on the go.

No matter where we travel, we never leave home without a water bottle. And since every year brings new technological advances that help keep our beverages colder and hotter, our bottles lighter, and our water cleaner, there’s always a new one for us to try out. After extensive, hands-on testing of some of the newest bottles on the market, we’ve found the nine best bottles—including a few time-tested favorites—for just about any water-related travel need.

Purist Collective Maker
The lightweight glass bottle for any beverage, any day, anywhere
Glass bottles are great at repelling flavors and odors, which makes them particularly versatile: You can switch among coffee, water, and wine without any whiff of the previous beverage infiltrating the next. And unlike some plastics and metals, glass doesn’t leach chemicals into your drink.

But glass is heavy. Most glass water bottles (like the silicone-wrapped ones made by Lifefactory) might be great for home but feel too burdensome for travel. Purist Collective solves this problem with its new line of water bottles; all three models are lined with an ultra-thin layer of glass.

Peer inside the 10-ounce Purist Maker ($34), and it looks like every other stainless-steel water bottle on the market. But the inside of the high-quality surgical-grade metal is actually sheathed with a nonporous glass that keeps flavors and odors from lingering. We filled the Maker with coffee and cream in the morning, then refilled it with water—and discerned no java aftertaste.

The glass veneer is so thin that the Purist weighs no more than other double-walled metal bottles, so it’s easy to tote around all day.

The Maker debuts December 1, 2018, when select Purist Collective products—the 10-ounce Maker, 18-ounce Mover, and 32-ounce Founder—will be offered for a limited run. For now, the bottles come with a basic screw-top cap with a carrying loop, but later in 2019, additional caps will be offered, including a flip-top and a leak-proof one that will rotate to let you adjust the flow and sip from anywhere around the top. 

Even better than the clean, modernist design is the giveback program: Purist Collective partners with a network of social and environmental nonprofits, encouraging collaboration among the organizations, promoting their good work, and contributing financially to their efforts. So this is a good-looking bottle that does good, too.

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