Take A Seat, skimag.com, April 2018

YETIYETI’s new camp chair crushes the competition.

Your current camp chair is a piece of crap, and YETI knows it. “In our research, people break a lot of chairs,” says Rob Murdock, YETI’s VP of Innovation. “People buy, break, and buy again.” It’s hardly surprising: No assemblage of aluminum tubing and nylon sold for $15 can indefinitely support American butts.

So YETI built something that can. The Base Camp Hondo Chair is the company’s latest take on “wildly stronger” outdoor gear. At $300, it’s also wildly more expensive than the drugstore models favored by most campers and tailgaters. Unlike those, however, the Hondo is virtually indestructible.

Double-walled tubing made of 6061 aluminum gets baked in a blast furnace for 25 hours to make the frame's metal 200 percent stronger. Then, it’s welded using the same methods that mountain bike manufacturers rely on to build frames that hold up under intense impact. In YETI’s testing, the Base Camp Hondo throne supported 3,000 pounds of lead shot without collapsing (only when someone whacked its legs with a stick did it finally crumple under the load).

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