The Best Winter Jackets of 2020, Outside Buyer's Guide, Winter '19-20

jackets 20This sprawling review (co-written with Frederick Reimers) evaluated 2020’s new jackets to select the seven best models—including “Gear of the Year.”

Green Means Go
Turns out performance and eco-friendliness play nice together.

Picture Harvest, $430
Wearing an earth-conscious jacket can be like driving a Prius: choosing a more sustainable option feels good, but you give up a few things along the way. That changes with the Harvest. It combines 58 percent recycled fabric with a sustainable DWR treatment and a water-proof-­breathable membrane made from castor-seed oil. Just as important, that membrane performs every bit as capably as a petroleum-­based one.

Fit and features are just what you’d expect in a serious ski shell. The long hem and zip-off powder skirt shield against wind and snow, and the three-layer fabric stretches to permit a wide range of motion. Hybrid construction places a durable 75-denier weave at the shoulders and hips, and an airier knit fabric in sweat- and heat-prone areas like under the arms and along the upper back. On brisk ascents near Jackson Hole, the Harvest proved every bit as breathable as shells of similar weight. Our solitary gripe is the lack of an interior drop pocket. But the Harvest elicited no complaints when it came to durability and water repellency—so it’s not just sustainable gear, it’s great gear. 1.7 lbs

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