• Kelly Bastone

    freelance writerI’m a freelance writer and photographer based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Outdoor sports and travel are my specialties, but my far-ranging interests include gear, fitness, nutrition, food, culture, parenting, science, and the environment. Living in the mountains, I take daily advantage of the wealth of outdoor opportunities that surround me. Play is a big part of my lifestyle, but so is reliability: I’m a meticulous researcher and writer who delivers clean copy—on time.
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"So what are you working on now?"

I'm describing a weekend in Prescott, Arizona for Los Angeles Magazine (April 2019), exploring Utah's "other" White Rim Trail for 5280: The Denver Magazine (October 2019), revealing Aspen's Bauhaus roots for Departures (May 2019), describing the West's best affordable ski areas for Via (November 2019), hunting for great women's outdoor products (for the women's gear column I contribute to Outsideonline.com), and reveling in midwinter powder days.